Five Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media for Business

Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Setting up and maintaining social media accounts for your business can seem overwhelming. However, these outlets are the perfect way to reach your audience naturally, in a way that doesn’t seem too pushy. Here are five reasons you should be using social media for business.

One : It’s FREE!

Businesses can spend lots of money on advertising between commercials, radio spots, and newspaper ads. Social Media accounts are free to sign up for and only require you to pay if you are looking to “boost” or promote a specific post.

Two: You can easily interact with clients & customers.

Almost all social media platforms allow you to “reply” to comments or posts by your followers. This allows you to respond quickly to any questions or concerns and provide exceptional customer service to your customers.

Three: It helps create brand awareness.

The more you post, follow and interact, the more people are going to see your company’s name and logo. The more they see it, the more they are going to remember the company and what it provides.

Four: Almost everyone is using it.

Every year fewer people are buying and reading newspapers or purchasing cable subscriptions, which is how most businesses have advertised in the past. However, social media has consistently seen an increase in users, especially since it is free, which is why it has become one of the best ways to reach an audience.

Five: You can target a specific audience.

Facebook and Instagram, for example, give you the option to select specific demographics when boosting a post or creating an ad for your businesses’ page. This makes sure that the right customers in the right areas are learning about your business and what it offers.

Not everyone is an expert at social media. If you need assistance with your social media setup or strategy, we can help.  Contact us for information on branding your social media accounts throughout platforms, or for more information on our monthly social media management packages. Read more about our marketing services here.

Start building brand awareness and make friends with your clients today using social media for business.

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