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Posted on Jul 27, 2015

For Immediate Release:

Wilmington, NC -2015- The Health Partners is a primary care medical practice located in the Porters Neck area that specializes in adult primary care medicine. They recently revealed their new website that incorporates the latest features in web design to reach out to residents in Wilmington.

Health Partners was searching for a way to set up their website in a design that can be navigated seamlessly. As a primary care medical practice, Health partners understands that it is imperative for them to connect with an online audience. They found a solution when they reached out to webworks89, who specialize in this growing culture that is responsive website design. These responsive websites lay out information in a clear manner that is easy to pilot by users. The Health Partners new responsive website, uses Content Management Systems (CMS) that mold the architecture within page. These CMS’s also contain plug-ins that Health Partners has found to be extremely beneficial.

Plug-ins, are added features that can enhance performance of your website. Health Partners has utilized these to showcase physicians. Each physician has their name, education, and other additional background information. This simple tool can help ease tensions among patients and provide reassurance, in an industry where that is absolutely essential. It also has educational videos attached as links to teach viewers more about the importance of quality medical care practices. Visitors of the website can rate these Doctor’s and leave comments about their experience with Health Partners.

By adopting this responsive website, Health Partners is more likely to be shared throughout the community. Google recognizes the responsive web design and through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), webworks89 has assisted Health Partners in becoming one of the top search results for Wilmington primary care medical practices.

The ultimate ideal outcome of all this, is that more potentially at-risk patients will be able to find the information they need and the comfort they seek to get appropriate healthcare.

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