How to Make Changes to Your WordPress Site

Posted on Aug 08, 2016

If you’re new to web development or if you’re creating your first website – tackling such an expansive and powerful web tool like WordPress can seem daunting. How do you make changes to your WordPress Site? Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) means you can develop your site without advanced coding knowledge; however, the learning curve can still be steep depending on your site’s purpose. And although no coding knowledge is needed, WordPress still offers developers the option to implement custom code and scripts.

Logging in

When you initially login to your site, WordPress will bring you to a dashboard where you can edit each facet of your site. Depending on what theme, plugins or version of WordPress your site currently has, your site’s toolbar will change.

Customize and Edit

The easiest way to make quick changes to your WordPress site is to log in and utilize the “Customize” and “Edit Page” buttons at the top of all pages of your site. Customize is more of an overarching site portal to change the overall theme of your site or to edit key components of its presence. Edit Page allows you to delve into the page you’re currently on to edit text, images, and HTML code.

When editing a WordPress page, there is both a visual and text editor that you may use to edit page’s content. The text editor displays the page’s HTML content – only those familiar with HTML code would be comfortable making changes within this view. The visual tab, however, employs a rich text editor that allows you to see text and media dynamically.

Preview changes

WordPress also offers a “Preview Changes” button when editing a page. Found under the Publish panel on the right, Preview Changes allows you to see what a page will look like before publishing. We encourage you to use this functionality before saving, as clicking “Update” will push the changes to your live site.

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