Drones: Registration, Legislation

Posted on Dec 15, 2015

-Wilmington, NC- webworks89 operates UAVs (drones) for commercial use in the greater Wilmington area. Owner, Ray Rogers, has kept his company on the leading front in all aspects of technology. Most recently he has adopted drone photography. webworks89 shoots aerials for real estate, construction, agricultural, municipal among other industries nestled along the beautiful NC coast.

_DSC0028You may have read the article we published earlier this year, regarding the exemption webworks89 received from the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) for commercial drone use. This exemption, which is essentially a pilot license, gives webworks89 legal permission to operate UAV (drones) for profit. Drone hobbyists have needed no such license or registration for operation, however, that is all about to change this holiday season.

Drone Registration

Starting December 21, 2015, drone registration will officially begin. Under this new legislation, anyone who has owned a drone aircraft prior to this date must register their device by February 19, 2016. Those who purchase a drone after December 21st, must register their drone before its first flight. This registration requires drone operators to provide their name, home address and email address. Upon completion of this, owners will receive a unique identification number, which must be stamped on the aircraft. There is a low fee of $5 required, but in an effort to encourage people to sign-up, this fee may be waived if users register by January 20, 2016.

nsnsnsnsnsnseeeDrone owners may register their UAV online through the FAA’s website.

This legislation comes after a substantial increase in drone sales, making it necessary hold this influx of operators accountable for their drones. The interest in drones has literally, skyrocketed over the past two years. The sentiment of the consumer is less wary, as most now feel confident that these devices are durable, highly capable and a worthy investment. Parrot is one of the leading drone distributors in the US and in 2013 they sold nearly 180,000 units- flash forward just ONE year and they sold a staggering 530,000 units. This reflects the increase of popularity in drone technology and the demand for the FAA to respond in stride.

Licensed Drone Company in Wilmington

nsnsnhdhdiiwiwwwwAs the industry grows, it’s important to note the wide range of industries that can benefit from drone technology. Stationed along the coast of North Carolina, webworks89 regularly uses their drones to shoot aerial photography and virtual tours in Wilmington. Drones have given this all-encompassing digital solutions company the ability to showcase the beautiful properties that rest along our shoreline from unique angles. webworks89 also operates drones commercially for industries like, agriculture, real estate, construction and municipalities. This makes it easier for their clients to monitor and showcase different products or projects. Take a glance at some of the jaw-dropping aerials that webworks89 has shot around the Wilmington area.

Companies like webworks89 have taken the lead from other tech savvy minds like Apple, who is currently conducting daily drone aerial flyovers of their new campus in California, currently under construction. Take a look at some of the beautiful images these drones capture and think of how useful they can be to just about any industry.

This Holiday season, buy someone a gift that can keep on giving, just make sure they register it! When used properly these devices can serve so many purposes and bring a birds-eye view that was once unattainable. For any aerial needs in the greater Wilmington area, call webworks89 today and speak to our licensed drone operator!

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