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Posted on Aug 28, 2015

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August 28, 2015 – Wilmington, NC – Sea Coast Disposal teamed up with an old friend, webworks89, to design a website that incorporates all the latest features of responsive website design. This fresh website will give Sea Coast Disposal the recognition they deserve.

seacoast2Sea Coast Disposal is a family owned business that was established in 1990. Starting out with one truck, they now have a national reach that extends to six states. Beginning in 2003, Sea Coast turned their attentions to serving our military. They currently serve 8 military bases, transferring the experience from their commercial operations to providing recycling solutions and proper disposal options to our troops. By providing consistent service and paying close attention to detail, Sea Coast Disposal has gained the trust of military bases that expect and demand efficient services. Their dedicated work is reflected through the growth of clients they’ve made through the years. They’ve shared a history with webworks89, a web developer out of Wilmington, NC, over these years and the two recently decided to pair back up to ensure  Sea Coast Disposal’s website progresses with business demands.

Sea Coast Disposal recently incorporated responsive web design into their new site. Responsive web design is crucial in this new digital age. Responsive sites use Content Management Systems (CMS) to create neat website structures that are compatible with smart phones, tablets, desktops etc. Starting April 21st of this year, Google has gone through and indexed responsive websites to ensure that they appear at the top of Google searches. This means that responsive websites will have higher page ranks than older, outdated websites. This is crucial in this day and age where much of business is found through the internet, and if a business is readily discoverable it is more likely to expand. What the web developers at webworks89 did for Sea coast Disposal was not only design the responsive site but they made sure it was Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. This means that they use key words, plug-ins and back links to enhance the Google page ranks.

On Sea Coast Disposals home page you’ll see a slide show of pictures that show Sea Coast hard at work. It even has a stunning shot of one military ship in the background to illustrate its relationship with the military. There is contact information readily available as well as details about Sea Coast Disposal’s history and services. There are 5 tabs at the top listed as About Us, Careers, Gallery, Employee’s and Contact Us. These tabs are neatly laid out and make it easy for viewers to access information. The gallery is well done, showing all the different trucks Sea Coast Disposal uses, hard at work applying the efficient recycling solutions they offer. The overall experience of this site is user friendly and because of its responsiveness, it will rise on Google searches regarding recycling, disposal, etc. on the surrounding communities/states they serve in.

In business for 25 years now, Sea Coast is always thinking towards the future, and this new website is just another example of how they’ve applied that.Check their new responsive website out and learn more about the great work that Sea Coast Disposal does for our troops.

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