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Posted on Jan 20, 2016

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Wilmington Web Design

-Wilmington, NC- webworks89, a web design specialist in Wilmington, recently worked to design the Fiore Fine Flowers website. The new website is as captivating and elegant as the diverse floral arrangements they craft.

Fiore Fine Flowers: Wilmington’s Preferred Florist

FioreFineFlowers_RusticCharm-009Fiore Fine Flowers is a local Florist, located just off of Wrightsville Avenue. Their award winning floral designs and dedicated customer service has led them to become Wilmington’s premier florist since 2008. At Fiore, a team of seasoned professionals work intimately with each client to gain an insight into the vision of their special day. Through connections with both local and national suppliers, they consistently reel in the freshest product available and turn these visions into realities. Fiore Fine Flowers also offers delivery and has a resident photographer (Jennifer), making them a true, one-stop-shop for any special occasion. The four pillars of this renowned florist are Chelsea, Jennifer, Shelley and Claire. Each with a unique background that has led them to pursue their passion in this field, learn more about the team at the “Pleased to Meet You” page on the site.

Let’s explore some more features of the website…

When users visit this site they are greeted with large banner images, that showcase various venues Fiore Fine Flowers has arranged and assembled. Four parent pages rest atop these interchanging banner images, making for simple user. Here you’ll find the aforementioned “Pleased to Meet You” page and a “Kind Words” page that is filled with testimonials from their cherished clients. The other two pages are labeled, “The Daily Bloom” and “Wedding and Events“, each with drop-down navigation. The “Weddings and Events” page has forms readily available at the bottom of the page where interested clientele can answer important questions and also make safe, secure online payments.

FioreFineFlowers_TimelessElegance-013-750x500With the aesthetic beauty of Fiore Fine Flowers arrangements, it is only natural that photography plays a large role throughout the site. Both the Daily Bloom and Weddings and Events pages have categorized photo galleries, that reflect some of the professional photography and floral arrangements that Fiore Fine Flowers has brought to life. This feature is not only useful, but fun, for brides and their families who are in search of the right florist for their big day. For those looking for some fun ideas outside of the box, Fiore Fine Flowers keeps an active blog that is linked at the top left of their home page. Here you will find a long list of industry related blogs, written first-hand by the experts at Fiore Fine Flowers.

Web Design Company in Wilmington

webworks89officewebworks89 is a professional web design company in Wilmington, who use WordPress to design custom websites that incorporate responsive design. Responsive design simply entails that a website is able to adjust its format to whatever device is accessing it, and this has become important for two reasons. First, every user wants to come to a website that’s laid out neatly and is easy to navigate no-matter what device they might be using. Users nowadays expect websites to function seamlessly and have convenient features that encourage them to learn more. Secondly, beginning April 21st of last year, Google instituted an algorithm that punishes websites that aren’t responsive in design, pushing these sites lower in search page ranks. Quality (SEO) content and neat, responsive design features work hand-in-hand to raise a website in the page ranks.


As Fiore Fine Flowers website continues to grow, you can expect it to blossom through Google’s page ranks. Visit the website today on your phone, tablet or desktop and learn more about the pristine work of Fiore Fine Flowers. You may also contact them today and speak to one of the friendly faces at their 3502-D Wrightsville Avenue location.

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