WebWorks89 Celebrates 27 Years

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Wilmington Tech Company is Celebrating 27 Years of Business

In recognition of 27 years of business in the Wilmington area, WebWorks89 is celebrating with the launch of a new website and a new photography brand, Fly4Pix.

WILMINGTON, NC – In July of 1989, Ray Rogers founded Cape Fear Office Machines, Inc.  Since then he has proven to be a pioneer in the technology industry of Wilmington, North Carolina. In order to remain relevant in the evolving tech market the company has slowly changed over the years. His current company, WebWorks89, is celebrating this history with the launch of a new photography brand, Fly4Pix, and two new websites, WebWorks89.com and Fly4Pix.com.

WebWorks89 is known for professional photography, aerial photography, real estate virtual tours and floor plans, along with its website development, digital marketing and IT services.  “We’ve been providing these services to customers for years,” said Ray Rogers, President and CEO.  “Because our business is always growing, and in celebration of 27 years in business, we’ve launched Fly4Pix, the new, visually creative arm of WebWorks89.” This new brand is a resource for professional commercial photography, video production, real estate virtual tours and floor plans. “We noticed that our photography customers were a different demographic than our web development and digital marketing customers,” said Rogers. “For that reason, we wanted to give them their own website and brand, separate from our web and marketing agency.” Businesses and realtors who need photography, video production, virtual tours or floor plans can now go to Fly4Pix.com to browse a full portfolio of their offerings.

In conjunction with the new Fly4Pix brand and website, WebWorks89 also launched a new website for their web development, digital marketing and IT customers, WebWorks89.com. The company may still be evolving, but their commitment to the customer has never changed. “Our goal is to create work that is honest, solutions that work and creative that is above expectation,” said Rogers.  “We always keep the client’s best interests at heart.”

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