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Posted on Oct 15, 2015

October 14, 2015 – Wilmington, NC – webworks89, a Wilmington based company that specializes in web FireShot Capture 12 - Cape Fear Sportswear - https___www.capefearsportswear.com_mens_design, has recently developed a new responsive website for Cape Fear Sportswear.


Cape Fear Sportswear is just the latest of many businesses that have adopted responsive design into their new website that features all the latest features in eCommerce. Websites that are responsive have the ability to change their configuration to structurally adapt to a range of devices. This is especially crucial for businesses searching for the perfect eCommerce page to send their buyers to. These websites were once very costly and difficult to set up, giving large corporate retailers a leg up on innovative startup retailers.

By using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, these websites automatically adjust to mobile phones, tablets and desktops to provide a more user friendly experience. Beginning April 21 of this year, Google has gone through and indexed responsive websites to place them higher on page ranks than older, outdated ones. With a growing number of mobile users, Google knows that it’s imperative for a website to be responsive. Businesses want to be discovered and responsive design is a step in the right direction in helping them achieve that.

What’s the New Cape Fear Sportswear Site like?


The Cape Fear Sportswear new site makes for a straight forward user experience. A slide show of stunning HD photos was embedded into the home page. Tabs for Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s rest neatly across the top of the page; giving users the ability to shop their diverse selection of products. By adding features for eCommerce, users can customize available size and colors while they read a product feature description. With online shopping continually growing, these customization features are absolutely crucial for any retail business. The fact that the website is responsive means that whether the user is accessing the website through their phone, tablet or laptop, they are all guaranteed to have the same user friendly experience.

Cape Fear Sportswear has some store locations spread throughout Wilmington and encourage people to stop in and visit. But in this digital age more consumers are purchasing merchandise online, so whether you visit their store locations in person or visit their website- you will be guaranteed to find some of the best cold and wet gear equipment on the market from people who are passionate about what they produce.

Visit their site today and gear up for the winter!

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