SEO Wilmington NC

SEO Wilmington NC

seo services wilmington ncLooking for a reputable SEO Company in Wilmington NC? There are many SEO companies in Wilmington NC but how many can say they have been practicing and performing Search Engine Optimization for over a decade? Our guess is not many, but we can. How many of these “SEO” companies actually perform all of their SEO in-house? We’re willing to bet ZERO.

Before we explain what we mean, let us give you a quick SEO 101. When it comes to search engine optimization backlinks are king. Backlinks are links to your site from other sites on the internet. Backlinks are essentially how other websites are “talking” about your website. The idea is to have trusted and authoritative  backlinks to your website. We want trusted, authority sites “talking” about your website. When it comes to building backlinks, QUANTITY is not better than QUALITY. When you have quality & relevant back links to your site, you are rewarded with first page rankings. Google wants to serve the most relevant and best option to the first page for end users using their search engine. Google is looking at all of the backlinks (websites talking) on the internet and uses that data in their algorithm to make a decision on where your site ends up.

If you would like a more in depth explanation on how other seo companies have failed you, you can click here to read our recent blog post.

The Other SEO Companies in Wilmington NC

With that said, most of these other marketing companies will take your hard earned money and then turn around and “farm” out the SEO work to overseas contractors in order to keep their margins up or they are simply a re-seller of another company’s SEO work. These contractors or reseller companies do not truly care if you ever reach the first page. Most of these guys are concerned with providing back links in quantity and never take the time to find and make sure they are quality back links. This means that they truly do not care, nor are they invested in your success.

That’s just not the case here at Webworks89!  We care about your success. It sounds cheesy, maybe even cliche’ but … it’s true. That’s evident when you consider we have been in business for over 29 years, with 11 years experience performing SEO! You simply can’t stay in business for the better part of three decades by not caring about your client’s successes. We are much more than just a web design company that looks at you like a number. We love seeing our client’s business grow from digital marketing strategies, and search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience.

Our SEO Services in Wilmington NC Are Provided by Experts

That’s why we have an in-house SEO Expert (11 years ranking websites to the first page), managing a team of SEO Specialists. We take the time to manually research and build relevant, high quality back links to your site. All of our work is done, right here in Wilmington NC. We think it’s best that our reputation is not going to hang in the balance of some overseas contractor performing shady SEO practices, or some other company we simply “resell”. SEO is a very difficult, tedious, and time consuming task. Many of these other companies will try and short cut very important SEO practices with software and/or shady contractors, leaving a massive and dangerous footprint on the internet. This footprint can lead to Google banning you from their search engines (Just ask JC Penney).

We know that making your new website visible and prominent on local search engines is tough. The experienced staff at WebWorks89 can help ensure your website is focused on strategies and tactics that take advantage of today’s SEO best practices. We’ll take a look at your competitors and craft a custom plan just for you.  From full site SEO auditing to content marketing and reporting, we can help set you and your website on the path to success. Go ahead and contact us today for your free website audit by filling out the contact form below here or just give us a call at (910) 756-4089

As an SEO Company in Wilmington NC We perform:

  • Full site SEO audit
  • Manual link building
  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword selection
  • Goal setting

SEO Services Plan Execution:

  • Optimization of your site based on the keywords chosen
  • Add genuine content to support those keywords
  • Optimize HTML accordingly (tags, meta data, title fields, alt text and headings)
  • Creation and submission of your sitemap to search engines.
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Social Media integration, add “share” buttons on each page
  • Link building relevant to your business and industry
  • Blog management

Analyze & Monitor Google Analytics

  • Monitor keyword rankings
  • Monitor competitors
  • Keep all newly added content optimized


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