Fall Website Maintenance Checklist

Posted on Oct 03, 2016

Five smart things you can do this fall to improve your online footprint.

Just like anything else, your website needs general maintenance. Fall is the perfect time to perform a checkup and make some easy changes to improve your customer experience. Here are some things that you can do to organize and optimize your website. This is your fall website maintenance checklist.

1. Test your online lead generation forms.

Since your website is your most important marketing tool – it’s the place all other marketing materials point to after all – it’s important to make sure the lead generation funnel is working properly. Start on your website homepage, pretend your a customer, and follow through all the way to submitting a request for information or purchasing a product.

2. Refresh your website imagery.

Adding new photos is a great way to refresh a website without investing in a total redesign.  If your website’s homepage hasn’t changed since launch, this is a great way to reinvigorate the look. Fresh, professional photography increases your web visitor’s user experience. (See fly4pix.com for affordable commercial photography packages)

3. Is it time for a logo re-design?

Even large companies change out fonts and design elements on occasion to keep with present design trends.  Does your design represent your company well and instill trust in your brand? (Read more about how to choose a brand color palette)

4.  Test for responsive design.

When was the last time you updated your website?  If it’s been longer than two years, chances are that technology has changed since you launched your site. Are you using a modern, responsive design that works on all technology, including tablets and smartphones?  Check your website on your smartphone and tablet to see, view it in several different web browsers.  Is it easy to navigate across all platforms?

5. Perform a content audit.

Chances are there are some blog posts or other webpages that have been long forgotten on your website.  Dive into your old pages and posts to see if any of the content should be refreshed. Has your industry changed in any way?  Are all of your services still the same?  Do you need to refresh your employee contact list? Look at each page individually on your site and refresh copy and images where needed.  Breathe new life into old blog posts, and re-market them once the new information has been added.

At WebWorks89 we strive to be your digital partner.  We’re here to help you design, develop and maintain the best website possible. One that meets your digital marketing goals. Contact us for help with your fall website maintenance checklist.  Let us refresh your site with new images, content and troubleshoot system errors or outdated code. Ask us about service agreements for ongoing, monthly website support.

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