How to Get More Online Holiday Shoppers

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Begin Planning Now for Online Holiday Shoppers

The 2017 holiday season is just around the corner. Many retailers have begun preparing their websites and started online marketing campaigns for this seasons online holiday shoppers. With more shoppers this year than last, if your company has not begun, there is still time before it is too late. These tasks can help your business be ready for a successful holiday season:

  1. Check sales reports, Google Analytics, inventory, and return figures to identify which categories and products are selling well. Once identified, focus your marketing efforts to promote these categories, products, and keywords.
  2. Place top-selling categories and products in a major location. Your website home page should contain links where potential customers can navigate to these locations.
  3. Many potential customers are unsure what gifts to purchase for their loved ones for the holidays. Assist these customers by creating dedicated landing pages for a gift idea. These landing pages may be things such as – “Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Children Under 12” or “Top Gift Ideas for Grandmother.”
  4. Collect a separate campaign and email lists for potential customers who wish to be informed first about sales and offers for Cyber Monday and allow them to benefit from your discounts.
  5. Design a social campaign around your Cyber Monday promotion, and urge satisfied customers to publish about purchases they made.
  6. Offer potential customers conveniences they receive from big name stores. Provide them with free delivery on all purchases, or next day delivery upgrades as an encouragement to spend more.
  7. Offer customers a good return policy to ensure they feel comfortable when making purchases. Make sure your return policy is easy to understand and placed in a visible location.
  8. Provide potential customers multiple ways to place an order. Many people prefer to use specific ways to place an order, such as fax or phone, so stating these options clearly in a visible location can increase your sales.
  9. Clean and segment your email subscriber lists to ensure communication is sent to customers who want to engage in your website. If you are unable to effectively manage this list, avoid abrupt email marketing.
  10. Use bullets to write product summaries, thus allowing customers to quickly read and understand product information that eases the buying process.

Implementing these tasks now can ensure you are ready for a successful holiday season. If you’re ready to grab new customers this holiday season, contact us for a free online marketing consultation. (910) 392-7778

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