Holiday Season: Carpe Diem

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

aaaaaaaAs industry leaders in web design and digital marketing for the Wilmington area, webworks89 plays match-maker for businesses and their customers. With the holiday season at hand, now is the time for companies to capitalize on these services.

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Thanksgiving Thursday is just around the corner and the long lines of shopping for Black Friday will surely be stretched around the side. The commotion of holiday shopping has caused many to skip their trips to the mall and do their shopping from home instead. With the introduction of Cyber Monday, holiday eCommerce sales have soared over this past decade. In fact, Americans spent around 484 million dollars on Cyber Monday back in 2005; last year we officially broke the 2 billion dollar mark on Cyber Monday sales.

The era of online shopping is among us and has been for some time. Business owners don’t need a lecture on why their website’s Google page rank is important; but they may need some instruction regarding the steps necessary to achieve a higher listing. Below you’ll read about what it takes to gain a stronger online presence for your business.

Updating Your Website with Responsive Design

Having a responsive website means everything, these days. If you missed our previous blog on responsive design, it basically ensures that your website will adapt to the screen dimensions of whatever device may be accessing it. By using Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, responsive web design neatly organizes content from device to device. With smart phones and tablets replacing laptops for primary internet use, Google has begun to index websites that are responsive and punish those that are not. Responsive websites have advanced capabilities and functions that older outdated sites do not, and Google wants to make sure they are sending users to friendly pages.

shutterstock_245661115A good CMS, like WordPress, is easy to learn and this has lead it to become a popular choice among business owners. This responsive site ideally sends users to an well structured web page that seamlessly navigates the user as they explore the site. Plug-ins are available for eCommerce sites that allow businesses to showcase their products and make online payment options readily available to interested buyers. Recently, webworks89 teamed up with a local Wilmington business, Cape Fear Sportswear, and designed their new website that features all of the latest in eCommerce solutions, check it out.

When your updated website just isn’t enough, you may want to consider hiring a Search Engine Optimization strategist for your company.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a term that has been gaining traction through the years and is not foreign to most employers. SEO is vast and made up of multiple departments all geared towards enhancing a website in a search engines organic (unpaid) results. The main focus of SEO is on content. Google runs monthly algorithms that index industry related content; it checks for quality and any other websites that may back-link your content to their site. These organic methods can be thought of as long term strategy for businesses looking to strong hold their position in the page ranks.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Team

google-analytics-logo33If you’re too busy to manage your website on a daily basis, our blog on why it’s important to hire an SEO strategist may be useful to you. For the means and purposes of this blog, I’ll summarize a few talking points. You’ll want to hire someone you can trust, check for credentials. If they’re professional they should be certified in Google Analytics. Keep them in check. Have them report monthly results to you and inform you of what their plan is going forward. Be patient. SEO usually takes some time, so if you’re website isn’t seeing immediate results, that’s okay.

With the holiday season among us, some companies may not have the patience to wait for organic SEO to show a return. That’s why Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has also become the advertising platform of choice for modern business.

Pay-per-Click, also called cost-per-click, is an online advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites through paid online ads. By using PPC, a company has the ability to get the best return on their investment by only paying for the traffic that the ads generate. These ads have 360 degrees of customization at their disposal. Some of the many facets like, location, days, times, devices and target demographics, combine to deliver these ads with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Carpe Diem

In sales timing is everything, and when the right opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready to seize it. That’s what these PPC ads do so effectively. By incorporating relevant keywords, PPC ads appear on those Google searches. So when a customer is looking for that particular product you sell, they will just so happen to come to an advertisement for your product. As aforementioned, you will only be charged for the clicks on your advertisement and not the placement itself. By catching customers at their peak of curiosity, these advertising campaigns have had compelling results.

Don’t let your business remain camouflaged in Google’s page ranks this holiday season. Contact the web developers and digital marketers at webworks89 to help your customers find you today!


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