Posted on Aug 07, 2015

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August 3, 2015 – Wilmington, NC – Hy-Speed Janitorial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment just unveiled a new website that integrates responsive design. This growing trend has raised the stakes for competitive businesses as they look to gain an advantage on one another.

Responsive Website Design utilizes Content Management Systems (CMS), like WordPress, to structure content in a format that can adjust to a wide range of devices. These websites are easy to navigate and function more capably than older, outdated websites. Given these advantages, Google has decided to rank responsive websites above those that are non-responsive, making them more discoverable. This new ranking policy was put into effect by Google as of April 21, 2015. A Wilmington based digital solutions company, webworks89, specializes in responsive website design and worked with Hy-Speed Supplies and Equipment to develop a website that would provide an edge over similar businesses. As time goes on, more business are beginning to realize the importance of responsive website design and its critical impact on their popularity.

When users navigate Hy-Speed’s new website, they will find it easy and informative. Across the top are five tabs that list as Chemical Descriptions & Usage, Office, Restroom & Break Areas, Convenience Stores & Restaurants, Floor Care and Carpet Care respectively.  Each tab has pictures and a pricing for each item that users can “add to their cart” at the click of a button. They’ve also incorporated a search bar at the top to simplify the process. With tools like these at hand, Hy-Speed has a more favorable website that will appear at the top of Google searches for these types of products, especially within the greater Wilmington, NC area.

More companies will begin to adopt responsive website design to catch up, for now Hy-Speed has surged past their competition.

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