New Google SSL Requirements

Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Google Security Requirements Began Oct. 1, is Your Site Secure?

Google began labeling non-HTTPS sites on October 1 that contain text input fields, such as search bars and contact forms, as well as HTTP sites while incognito, as “Not Secure” when used in their Chrome browser. If information is collected by visitors on your site, it now must have an SSL certificate. In the near future, it is highly likely Google will label all non-HTTPS sites as being “Not Secure” even when text entry forms are not used.

What is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This creates a link between your website and your visitor’s browser that is encrypted. HTTPS, known as HTTP over Transport Layer Security, is mutually used often with SSL. The “s” aspect of HTTPS mean websites communications are encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security technology. Ultimately, this means information exchanged between your website and your visitors cannot be listened to.

Is Your Site Using SSL Certificate?

Three options can be used to find out if your site uses SSL certificate.

  • Website URL begins with http:// or only www., with an “information” or “I” icon, or another visual indicator that does NOT show your website as secure. This indicates an SSL certificate is not used on your site. For further information, you can select the “I” icon.
  • Website URL begins with https://, and also shows a padlock or “secure”, or another visual security indicator. This indicates you are ready and are using an SSL certificate on your website.
  • Website URL begins with https://, however, shows a visual sign, “information”/ “I” icon, or another indication of an issue. This indicates, even though your site uses an SSL certificate, it has non-secure items or is configured improperly. Non-secure items may possibly be images. Contact your web developer to rectify this issue.

Do You Need SSL Certificate Without Forms or E-Commerce on Your Site?

All entry forms are included, such as login in forms for website administration, search forms, contact forms, e-commerce forms, and many others. Even with the slim chance your site has no forms, is trust something that is important to your organization or business? 

How to Obtain SSL Certificate

SSL certification is affordable and simple to set up. You need to sign up for SSL certification. Your web hosting company usually offers this. To update your site and begin using it, contact us. (910) 756-4089

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