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Posted on Oct 27, 2015

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October 27, 2015 – Wilmington, NC – The web developers at webworks89 just worked with Myrtle Grand Vacations to create a fresh design for their new website. This website showcases all the latest capabilities of responsive design.

Myrtle Grand Vacations is one of the most popular tourist destinations, not just for the Carolina’s, but the entire United States. With a wide range of properties, Myrtle Grand Vacations has the answers for those looking to rent or buy properties in the Myrtle Beach area. This area has flourished by offering something for everyone in the family. Myrtle Grand strives to provide affordable selection of high quality properties. These properties include, condos, villas, town homes as well as full sized homes. No matter what your group size or budget is, Myrtle Grand Vacations vast selection has the right place for you. Jump onto their new website and you will quickly learn just how much Myrtle Grand Vacations has to offer.

Myrtle Grand Vacations new website features all the latest in Responsive Web Design. These websites
use Content Management Systems (CMS) to structure the foundation of content throughout the site to whichever device may be accessing it; this means smart phones, tablets, desktops and even smart TV’s! This improves the functionality of the site, and Google has actually begun to run algorithms that seek out these responsive websites. They want these sites to appear high in Google searches so consumers aren’t forced to look at vast lengths to find pertinent information. By adding Responsive Design to their new website, Myrtle Grand Vacations and all of their valuable properties are now more readily found by the general public.

When you come to the new website, designed by webworks89, you’ll find a tool bar across the top with tabs for: Specials, Vacation Rentals, Annual Rentals, Owner Services, About the Area, Group Rentals and contact information. The Vacation Rentals tab allows users to search all their properties, or sort them by resorts, areas or maps. There is an additional drop down tab that has virtual tours of these fine listings. For owners of Myrtle Grand Vacation properties they can also access the information they need under their respected “Owner Services” tab. Here they can find information on property management, cleaning services, HOA management and VRBO Services. They may also access their owner log in through here. Whether you’re a renter or an owner, you will be seamlessly ‘self guided’ through this neat website.

Additional information on Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach area are also made available. With a combination of descriptive text and illustrative photography, users will have a good idea of what to expect from each property. Have a look at their website HERE and find out if Myrtle Grand Vacations has the right property for you and your family!

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