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Posted on Sep 18, 2015

For Immediate Release:

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September 18, 2015 – Wilmington, NC – Hasten Systems, a Person Emergency Response System , teamed up with webworks89, a digital solutions company based out of Wilmington, to develop a new responsive website.

Hasten Systems provides Personal Emergency Response Systems for senior citizens. These systems make safety accessible to communities throughout our country. Hasten is an acronym that stands for Health and Security Telephone Emergency Network. By providing a sense of security for families, these systems allow for elders to live a more independent life safely. The Hasten System features: Personal Medallion Transmitters, Auto Dialing/Answering, Smoke Detector, Remote Activation of Speaker Phone, and a High Sensitivity Microphone.

Web Developers

The Hasten System was designed to be operated at ease, with clear labels throughout. Their new website that incorporates responsive design does more of the same. On this new responsive website, users will come to a home page that features HD photographs along with tabs aligned across the top. These tabs will educate visitors on the Hasten features as well as their history and mission statement. All contact information can be readily found throughout. Now that they’ve added responsive design to their website, the Hasten System should also be readily found on Google searches pertaining to personal emergency response systems.

Responsive Web Design

Beginning April 21st of this past year Google has gone through and indexed all websites that are responsive in design. Responsive sites earn a higher place on Google’s page ranks and subsequently more companies have adopted responsive website design for marketing purposes. By becoming more discoverable, businesses will drive more traffic to their site and ideally increase their revenue. These websites have the ability to adapt their websites structure to a wide variety of devices, namely smart phones, tablets and desktops. This is done through Content Management Systems, like WordPress, that provide the architectural foundation for each website. This responsive design concept isn’t new but many companies are still letting their website lag behind and drop within the Google page ranks. It has become a modern digital gold rush that is here to stay.

This responsive design is gear to extend Hasten System’s reach to a larger community and continue to provide that sense of security that they have already given to so many families. Check out their website today, to find out just how responsive they are.


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