Southport Realty Launches New Website

Posted on Oct 27, 2015

For Immediate Release:

October 27, 2015  – Wilmington, NC – Southport Realty offers some of the finest properties you’ll find along the coast of North Carolina, so it’s only fitting that they have a website that reflects that. Southport Realty’s new website showcases all the latest features in Responsive Design, giving their site a sharper look with user friendly navigation.
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The Responsive Advantage

The web developers at webworks89 worked hand-in-hand with Pamela Frandana and Kim Russ to ensure their site would be highly capable, informative and aesthetically appealing. By using Content Management Systems (CMS) webworks89 instilled a clean structure throughout the site that makes for a simple navigational experience. This structure remains constant no matter what device may be accessing the site, meaning that it is Responsive. Beginning April 21 of this year Google has begun to run algorithms that index these responsive websites and lists them above less capable, non-responsive websites.


Southport’s Responsive Design

When users come to Southport Realty’s new website they will immediately be immersed in high-definition sliders that illustrate the beauty of the Southport community. Above are clearly labeled tabs that gives users a sense of direction for whatever their purpose is on the site. Those interested in properties can look under the Property Search tab. Here they can find Residential Listings, Multi-Family Properties, Land & Homesite Listings and Commercial Properties among others. If you’re looking for an Agent you can put a name to a face on their Agents page and read up on their bio’s to learn more about their qualifications and personalities.

Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller you can find helpful tips that walk you through these often stressful processes. Both of these tabs have mortgage calculators embedded so that you can learn and apply these aspects of the process. To the right side of the top tool bar you will find information on the various neighborhoods around Southport. This has detailed information on the communities as well as the restaurants, boating and other industries located in the area. This is accompanied with a blog that is under the “News & Info” tab, where you can find all the information you need on current events around the Southport community.

Check out the New Site

Come explore the new website today and learn more about not only the gorgeous properties available in Southport and the agents Southport Realty has in place to find that perfect fit for you and your family.



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