Why You Need Facebook Marketing

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

Since Facebook has gained its popularity as the world’s most-used social media platform,  it has forever become amended into every digital marketing campaign since. But what makes Facebook such a desirable marketing platform? In this blog we’ll explore why you need Facebook marketing for your new business especially.

21st Century Marketing

Companies 20 years ago would pay exorbitant amounts of money to have their ads plastered across cable TV. And while the trend of cable marketing continues today, companies are realizing the lucrative nature of digital marketing outreach done through Facebook. Several things differentiate Facebook from its competitors in marketing. But, overall, there are two factors at play here: interactivity and the ability to be dynamic.


Unlike traditional forms of advertising, Facebook gives potential businesses a platform to interact with their customers directly and en masse. Facebook empowers business with their powerful demographic tools where age, sex, region and more can be narrowed down to target very specific audiences. For instance, if you own a hair salon in Wilmington, North Carolina – you can target your Facebook ad to reach users who are female and within a certain age group. This can be used to either amplify an existing customer base or reach out to an entirely new one.


Facebook, much like any other forms of digital marketing is fluid in nature. Facebook allows a business owner to directly monitor traffic, demographics and response all in real-time. Additionally, Facebook advertisements allow you to dynamically update existing content to match your new needs.

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