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Posted on Aug 17, 2015

Wilsey Custom Homes Has Finished Construction on New Responsive Website

For Immediate Release:

wilsey living roomWilmington, NC – 2015 – If there’s one thing that Wilsey Custom Homes understands it’s that construction never stops. They took this approach to the next level by teaming up with the web developers at webworks89 to build a new website that embraces responsive website design. Their new responsive website is as customized as the homes they build throughout the beautiful state of North Carolina.

Wilsey is among the few companies that have capitalized on the growing popularity of Responsive Website Design. By utilizing Content Management Systems (CMS), responsive websites are structured in clear fashion on a wide variety of devices, like smart phones, tablets or laptops. These sites can also include tools that enhance its performance and functioning capabilities. All this combines to make a for a higher quality user experience and in return, Google will list this site above above other related searches. By utilizing Search Engine Optimization tactics, Wilsey has become more discoverable to the public and gained an edge over local competitors.

By working together, Wilsey Custom Homes and WebWorks89 have created a page that covers all the angles for perspective customers on multiple property listings. The HD photography showcases the stunning lay out of these properties and captures the viewer’s attention. Floor plans have also been added to each property listed, giving the viewer a concrete number and stronger understanding of house features. These images and floor plans are crucial in showcasing the professionalism of Wilsey’s work and make them a more likely destination for interested buyers.

Wilsey Custom Homes holds themselves to the highest standards, and these standards are reflected throughout their advanced custom website. Have a glance at their new responsive website and see how they took it to the top.

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